How long does it take for my employee to be certified? (What’s the status of my state?)

The length of time for a certification varies by state. Some states are quick, some are very behind and slow. For example, Tennessee has a 24 hour turnaround rate on their online system, but other states can take up to a few months or years.

Please note that each employee must work a minimum amount of hours to generate the tax credit. Therefore, in the time it takes your employee to generate a credit, your credit may already be certified by your state agency.

Factors that explain time differences:

  • The 2015 hiatus put a lot of states behind
  • Online state agencies vs. mail-in agencies. Mail-in agencies are much slower.
  • Volume of applications and staffing levels at each state

Based on these factors and prior experience, we have put together a chart that estimates the duration of time to receive a determination.
Copy of State Workforce Agency - Credit Processing Speed.pptx

Keep in mind these are only estimates. With the new WOTC program renewed through 2019, we expect some state agencies to become quicker and more efficient as time progresses.

At, one of our goals is to help our clients receive their tax credits as efficiently as possible. We continually track the status of all pending applications with the state agencies and update the employer as soon as any new information is found.