How to screen for eligible employees

There are two methods we provide for tax credit screening and tracking in your account. 

  1. My Jobseekers invite—First  enter your “My Jobseekeres” tab. Add jobseekers/employees to the list. Select invite, and a pre-formatted email inviting your jobseeker to take the survey will automatically be sent to him or her.  If they have taken the survey, you will see that they have a dollar amount in the “Tax Credit Potential” column. The email is pre-formatted, so you won’t be able to customize it. Also, the survey will come from our email address so some employees may be confused to receive an email from us.

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    Invite Jobseekers to take survey (invite)

  2. My Survey Link—We also provide a survey link as an alternative. This link can be placed anywhere: you can save it in your browser on your office computer, you can put it in your own unique email, you can put it on a job posting on another site. Jobseekers take the same survey as if they were invited using the above method and their results appear in My Jobseekers. This method tends to be more effective in motivating jobseekers to take the survey.

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    Invite Jobseekers to take survey (link)