I received notice that I need to provide wages and hours. What do I do?

Credits are calculated based on the employee’s number of hours worked and the gross wages Therefore, it is necessary that we get the wages and hours for each employee each quarter of your fiscal year. At the beginning of each quarter, an email is sent out asking you to provide wages and hours.

To complete this step,

  1. Go to My Jobseekers to find your employees. You can type “Need Wages & Hours” in the search bar to narrow your results.
  2. After clicking on the notice, a pop-up will display requesting wages and hours broken up by quarter. On your first time entering wages and hours, you will be asked to pick a payment method: either credit card or invoice. You may not be billed immediately because we operate on a contingency fee: we only bill once the credit is certified, calculated, and delivered.Entering Wages and Hours

Some certified credits require an employee to work for you a minimum amount of hours before they are generated. Learn more about that here.