What are the different service levels you offer?

We offer three different service options:

  1. Full-service processing—As the name suggests, this option offers full service! We file the tax credits with the appropriate agency on your behalf and work to make sure they get certified. You don’t have to worry about any complicated forms or government agencies: we do all of that for you if you simply follow the prompts for information on our site. Your main duty is to make sure that you hire tax credit eligible employees.
  2. Self-file—Unlike any other tax credit provider, we allow a self-service option. No other provider will allow you to get near their survey without some form of contract. With this model, filing the paperwork, proof documentation, certification, calculation, etc., are up to you. However, we do make this much easier and cheaper than ever before. You can screen your applicants using our survey, receive applications from pre-screened candidates, and hire pre-screened from our hiring pool. Once you click “Hired” by the employee’s name in “My Jobseekers”, we’ll produce pre-populated forms for you and even tell you where to file them for a flat fee of $19.95 per download—the rest is up to you.
  3. Vendor-file—Already have a tax credit processor? Or someone else who takes care of this for you? We’re happy for you to use our site as well. You can hire tax credit eligible employees through our site. If you want to export the relevant tax credit and hire information to your vendor, we provide a CSV download at a cost of $9.95 per hire. Hire pre-screened candidates to be proactive in tax credit processing and maximize the tax credits that you receive!