What is the process?

Tax credits off-set tax liability dollar for dollar. Some companies use credits in their tax planning to offset quarterly estimated payments. Some companies use credits at the end of their tax year against annual tax liability.  In the event of no tax liability, tax credits can be carried forward for up to twenty years.  Consult with your tax professional for how to best use these incentives.

Companies that achieve particular value from the program have an hourly workforce and volume hiring needs, however nearly every hiring / growing company can benefit.

The life of a tax credit can be a year or more.  The process begins with screening your new hires and ends with delivery of a certified and calculated tax credit.  We manage this for you.

Large employers have taken advantage of the government’s program for years.  BestCareJobs.com has simplified and integrated the steps into our job board.  We facilitate screening and through our technology, track certifications, manage calculation and deliver robust reports to use in tax application.