When do I get my tax credits?

Before you can receive a calculated credit on your credit report, a few things must happen:

  1. We must receive all the hiring information for the eligible employee to submit an application with the state.
    Your employees or job applicants must take the survey (called screening) and then you must mark them as hired in your jobseeker tab. At this point, you will be prompted to add hiring information (e.g. birth date, address, SSN, etc) with which we can submit a complete application with the state. Note: we may find that supporting documents are necessary.
  2. The state must review the application and render a certification or denial.
    The length of time for an application to be reviewed and determined depends on the state. For example, Tennessee has a 24 hour turn around. Some states take up to a few months. The good news is, we continually track the status of your applications until they are determined and will notify you if they are certified at once.
  3. We must receive the employees’ quarterly hours & wages to calculate the redeemable credit amount.
    Before entering in hours & wages, you will be asked how you want to billed: either by invoice or credit card. Afterwards, you can enter in hours & wages for your employees. To expedite the process, please enter in all hours & wages for all employees regardless of whether they are certified. We ask for hours & wages each quarter, regardless of whether they are certified, pending or denied so that when the credits are certified, we can calculate your credit immediately. Additionally, an employee only begins to generate a tax credit when they meet a certain threshold minimum of hours worked for you. You can find the amount of hours needed, here.

Once this is done, we will the calculate the credit and charge you accordingly. Upon receiving payment, you will receive access to view and print your tax credit report in your “My Credits” tab.

Tax Credit Reports

Reports are sorted by fiscal year. You can give your report to your accountant to use on your tax return to apply to your tax liability.

For information about when to take the credit, click here.

Reports are updated at the end of every quarter when we complete billing. Keep in mind, credits may need more than one quarter to be maximized. More hours worked by the employee means a larger credit for you to receive. If credits are certified in the middle of a quarter, we won’t bill you until the quarter is complete, unless you ask to receive and pay for the certified credit before the quarter is over. Contact us, we will be happy to assist you.