Why should I choose you over other providers?

Our company is unique as we provide many tools to enhance the process of earning tax credits including our hiring pool. What makes our Hiring Pool valuable and unique is that employers can view jobseekers’ potential tax credit amount. No other provider does this. Furthermore, employers can search for jobseekers based on their tax credit amount. If you use any other tax credit company to participate in the WOTC program, you screen and apply for the tax credit as a step in the job application or on-boarding process. You are “lucky” when you hire someone and get a tax credit.

Now you can be strategic!  Select from pre-screened tax credit eligible candidates in our hiring pool and view the candidate’s estimated tax credit value.

  • How is this an improvement?  Your company can significantly increase tax credits achieved.
  • If you have a pool of equally qualified waitresses, cashiers or baristas, the government wants you to have knowledge of a candidate’s eligibility and select the candidate with the highest tax credit value.

With other providers, employers are required to fill-out paperwork for each individual hire, however, we made things easy and put them all online. Simply follow the prompts, and we’ll make sure everything is filed with the appropriate government agency.